Hot Pictures of Punjabi Actress Preeti Sapru

Priti Sapru is one of the legendary actresses in Panjabi Cinema (Panjabi cinema is one of the regional film industries in Indian cinema). This evergreen Panjabi actress was born in 24th December 1957 in Bombay. She was much famous in late 1980s and 1990s decade of Panjabian cinema. Her parents D. K. Sapru and Hemavati are also hot celebrity in Bollywood films. Famous supporting D.K Sapru was her farther, and her brother Tej Sapru is the also famous supporting actor in Indian cinema. She is one of the most famous actresses in Panjabi films, and she gains her reputations a film director by directing Panjabi film like "Qurbani Jatt Di." Here are some hot pictures of this legendary Panjabi actress Priti Sapru.

Preeti SapruPreeti Sapru
Preeti SapruPreeti Sapru
Preeti SapruPreeti Sapru
Preeti SapruPreeti SapruPreeti Sapru


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